Ice Fishing Augers

Ice Fishing Augers - want to go ice fishing you are going to need an auger to get started. Chop, chisel or drill, you have to get through the ice.  Which you choose will be determined by your budget, how often you plan to ice fish, and how thick the ice has become.  The thicker the ice, the more power you will have to expend to do the job.  At some point you should really try out one of the power augers offered by most large sporting goods stores.   Or check out the links we have here through Amazon.

Covered on this page include:
  • Chisels and Pick Axes
  • Hand Ice Augers
  • Power Ice Augers

    Ice Pick Axes and Chisels

    Probably the oldest tools used for ice fishing are the hand chisel and the pick axe with a sharp point on one side and a regular axe head on the other.  The chisel can be used with a large hammer or mallet, and  can be very effective in "Hammering" and chiseling a hole through the ice.  Hold onto the chisel and do not let it fall into the water.  These two can be used together as well, using the chisel to finish or round out the hole.   The thicker the ice the more labor intensive the work will be.  Shown below is an example:

    Eskimo CH12 64-inch Multi-Faceted, Triple-Action Chipper Head Design Ice Chisel
    This Eskimo Chisel fully welded 64" long chisel weighs only 10 lbs. It features a machined cutting surface and a protective cover. Foam grip on handle provides anti-vibration for added comfort, and provides you with a safety tether to help prevent you from losing it down one of your drilled holes. Although 64 inches in total length, this chisel separates into two pieces as an aid in transporting and storage.

    Hand Ice Augers

    Eskimo Hand Auger HD08 Hand Auger with 8" Dual Flat Blades
    Second to the hand axe and chisel, the hand ice fishing auger is very common. As you can see from these two pictures, hand augers come in different diameters of holes they will drill. This auger seen in the picture will produce a hole approximately 8 inches.

    Power Ice Augers

    What about Power Ice Fishing Augers?  They work great, save time, and allow you to bore into thick ice,  as well as encourage you to scout several spots and move when the fishing slows down.  In general, power augers come with an 8 inch or larger auger, compared to hand augers which come in 5-6 inch size.   Proper maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy your gasoline powered auger for years to come.  Since these are usually 2 cycle engines oil is added to the gasoline for lubrication. 

    Eskimo S33Q8 Sting Ray 33cc with 8"Quantum Ice Auger
    Eskimo brand ice augers have been designed specifically for use in this area. Their augers feature 8 or 10 inch augers with strong engines. These strong Viper Engines deliver high torque. This means that you will see excellent cutting speed with minimal bogging down. Ignition has also been designed for dependable startup in cold weather with a convenient pump primer button. (Cold Weather - Talk to most Ice Anglers and they say What Cold Weather!) The augers are dually symmetrical blades with serrated edges, to cut faster and resist ice buildup. The symmetry means smooth and controlled operation and cut. Do you like to wear thick gloves or mittens? The extra large recoil handle will accommodate this with ease.

    Power Ice Fishing Auger in Action

    Power Ice Auger Power Ice Auger in Action

    Here is an Ice Angler in action using his power ice auger. I don't know about you but I love to hear the sound of a gasoline engine helping me do work. Look at the ice chips flying!