Ice Fishing Rod Combo

Read about the differences in the ice fishing rod combo, many different rod and reel combinations and how these differences will compliment your preferred methods if ice fishing.  Reels are available that look like standard spinning reels, and conventional push button or trigger casting reels.  Also you will find rattle reels, designed to "Rattle" or alert you when a fish strikes your bait - not that you will be snoozing, but you may be playing cards. 

Spinning Reel Combo

Eagle Claw Medium Fishing Combo, 24-Inch, Patriot

This eagle claw ice fishing combo features a fiberglass rod, graphite reel with one ball bearing and a 4:4:1 gear ratio.  Comes in a 24 or 28 inch rod.  The eagle reel comes with 4 lb test 120 yards of line.  

Quick Tip Rod Combo

Frabill Black Ops 26-Inch Quick Tip Ice Fishing Rod/Reel Combo, Black

Frabill offers this high tech rod and reel combo and calls it Black Ops.  Made with titanium components combined with a superlight rod and a high-performance one-piece reel, this Black Ops combo provides a really sensitive bite detection.  It fits in the palm of your hand which means that you get extra sensitivity for jig control and strike detection. It has a composite spool and body, large arbor 1:1 reel ratio, 8" line retrieval per revolution, and balanced spool with super smooth drag. The line feeds straight off of spool eliminating line coiling and spinning of lures.   Included is an exclusive Sub-Zero lubrication system which means that your reel will remain liquid smooth in any temperature. Works right or left handed.

Frabill Straight Line Combo

Frabill Straight Line 101 Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo, 24-Inch

Frabill adds this Straight Line 101 Combo that feathres no-twist, ultra-sensitive, super-smooth performance.  Great performance for novice to professional anglers.   Available in 24" UL Panfish Jigging, 27" Quick Tip / Panfish, 32" Quick Tip / Panfish models.   Rod: Blank runs through handle which adds sensitivity and increases feel; Guides are made from aluminum oxide guides reduce freeze-up; Reel: 1:1 Reel ratio with super smooth drag; 1 Plus 1 ball bearing reel; Balanced spool; Use right or left handed.

Spin Casting Ice Fishing Rod Combo

Fishing Tackle Set Pesca Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo 1.4 M Ice Fishing Rods + Closed Fishing Reel Lure

This fun spin casting ice fishing rod combo has a rod that collapses which would make it really handy for travel.  Rod made from fiberglass and has 6 sections.  When closed it is just short of 14 inches.  Fully opened to approximately 4.5 feet.  Includes a storage bag as well.

Ice Fishing Combo Carry Container

MTM Ice Fishing Rod Box (Red)

MTM's Ice Fishing Rod Box (IFB-1) will hold a variety of your ice fishing gear - up to 8 rods, compartments for your tackle and tip ups.  Its size is 36" x 10.2" x 5.2" with a shipping weight just under 5 lbs.  The box is made of polypropylene with foam padding on the inside to protect your rods. Large handle for carrying and the box is lockable.  

Ice Fishing Combos in Action