Ice Fishing Shelters

Learn why ice fishing shelters cause otherwise normally sane individuals to leave the confines of their wonderfully warm homes or cottages in frigid conditions in search of the elusive winter catch.  They made a movie about it several years ago - Grumpy Old whatever...  Just like the lure of fishing, there is something mysterious about chopping or drilling a hole in the ice in hopes of catching a fish.  For some it is the right of passage to manhood.  For others it is the thrill of the catch.  Still others it means an adventure that they have done all their lives.  And for some, it is a chance to get away to peace and quiet from the hustle of every day life.

How do you know if your shelter is an ice fishing shelter, an ice hut, a shanty, a house, or an ice shack?  Well the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Some rank these in the order of how nice they are and how many amenities they provide.  We describe a wide variety of styles made from a variety of materials.  To begin with all of these are shelters, getting the angler out of the elements to at least some degree.  By the way truthfully the assignment of these names is somewhat arbitrary.

Ice Fishing Shacks

Ice fishing shacks offer protection from the elements primarily the wind.  Not insulated, built with left over whatever, it sometimes needs a sign on the side to be able to identify what it actually is.  It can have room for 2 or more, but usually not more than 2 comfortably.  Not a place you would want to spend the night.  This shack actually has had an addition of a formal entry way.

Ice Fishing Shanty

 How does a shanty differ from a shack?  Primarily when moving up to a shanty you will find that a little better quality of wood is used, or at least some of the wood has had some paint applied.  Shanty's may actually have actual roofing materials applied for the roof.  Note decorations are common on the outside.  This particular shanty also has skids or sled rails applied for towing to location.  Not sure I would want to spend the night here however.   If heaters are used in the shanty or shack care should be exercised for carbon monoxide poisoning - as there must be a way to vent the fumes.  Note the vivid colors of neighbors here!

Ice Fishing Shelters

In reality all of these are fishing shelters on ice.  The shelters above are can be placed in one place then pulled off the ice before ice out.   The shelters below are collapsible and more portable. The first one is sized for one person.    The remainder for 2, 4 then 6.  

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Ice Fishing Huts

A fishing hut on ice is almost a home.  You will begin to find amenities like cots, chimneys for a furnace, room for 4 to play cards.  Now you are really beginning to talk about nice.  While you might not want to spend the night here, if you were thrown out of the house and had no where else to go, well....  Note the neighbors you find once you get to this level.  You will often begin to find little communities building up around Huts on Ice.   

Ice Fishing House

Are you ready to move up to your very own Ice Fishing House?  Check out this community, obviously in an area where they expect the ice to be there a long time.  Snow is plowed to make roads on the ice.  Electricity is run to the houses.  Now you could move a small family into one of these units.   Looks like they even have garbage pick up.   If your goal it to get away from hustle and bustle, maybe this is not the right home for you to buy.

Looking for a Starter Fishing Hut?

We may just have the unit you have been looking for.  Notice the great paint job.  Also this unit has a window, and a chimney for your furnace.  Now this is designed for two so you would not be able to play a 4 person card game, but hey, if the price is right, this unit shows really well.  With all the ice fishing shelters described on this page, which one is right for you?