Ice Fishing Tackle

Sort through the different options of ice fishing tackle to find just what you need to enjoy a great adventure out on the ice catching fish.  You won't need long fishing poles because you need to be able to control vertically up and down through a small hole in the ice.  Most rods for ice fishing are short, 18-24 inches in length.  Some anglers will use a 4-5 foot spin casting rod for ice fishing.  It works, but most will want to use smaller rods because of the way you have to fish over a small hole in the ice - almost like looking straight down.  Of course choice of rod should be made based on experience, the rogs strength and the expected size of fish you may catch.

Ice Fishing Tackle - Rods

In this picture the angler is using a larger rod, but look at the large pike he pulls out of the ice!  Don't argue with success!  This is a small spin casting rod and reel but strong enough to do the job.  This rod may be overkill if you were trying to catch a 14 inch crappie.  If 25 inch northern pike are known to be commonly caught, opting for a larger rod is a good idea, at least make sure you note the strength of the rod you choose.

Ice Fishing Reels

Many Ice Fishing Reels resemble small versions of fly reels. Here is a micro size rod and reel set. Realize that the main job of your reel for most fish caught in winter is to hold the line, and allow enough line to go into the water that will go to the bottom of the lake. Casting is not needed, just a reel that releases line, and smoothly "reels" the line back to the spool. Take a look at this combo below.....
Frabill Panfish/Crappie Straight Line Reel Ice Fish Combos, Black

Frabill is known for their outstanding fishing products - a product range sort of like from soup to nuts.  This ultra sensitive ice fishing combo is no exception.  Ball bearing reel, anti-reverse, front load drag, and sub zero lube for smooth operation even in sub zero temps.  This is a great combo!  Check it out by clicking on the links above.

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Ice Fishing Lures

Lures used in ice fishing need to be heavy enough to drop into the water.  Floating lures, surface bait won't work very well, OK?  Spoons or jigs that flutter is a good thing as it will attract the attention of the fish.  You can tip the lures with artificial bait or freeze dried bait.  Again local information is a good thing as to what is working.  Above is a picture of a typical tackle box filled with lures often used for ice fishing.  Below note the weighted spoon in the mouth of this crappie and the jig head in the walleye...

Micro Spin Cast Combo

Ice Fishing Tackle

Choose the appropriate ice fishing tackle and have memorable, successful and fun times while Ice Fishing.  Words to the wise:  For your first Ice Fishing Outing, find a friend or a guide to go with  who has done this before.  Watch, observe, and then copy - that is the best form of flattery!  Of course:  Thank them, tip them - and consider buying them a few lures as well.