Ice Fishing Reels

Learn about the different ice fishing reels and ice fishing rods and how these differences will compliment your preferred methods if ice fishing.  Reels are available that look like standard spinning reels, and conventional push button or trigger casting reels.  Also you will find rattle reels, designed to "awaken you" when a fish strikes your bait - not that you will be snoozing, but you may be playing cards.

Rattle Ice Fishing Reels

Shown below are several options when looking for a rattle reel.  

Straight Line Rod and Reel

Frabill straight line combos feature no twist, sensitive and smooth operation.  Works great for new to experienced ice anglers. Available in a variety of sizes - 24", 27", 32" ;  Aluminum oxide ice guides reduce freeze ups.  Also the spool is balanced and you get an ambidextrous oversized reel handle for ultimate control.

Frabill Straight Line 101XLA 27-Inch Quick Tip Ice Fishing Combo, Black

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Spinning Ice Reels

This Abu Garcia Veritras™  ice  reel and rod combo features a strong graphite blank and a 3+1 bearing system reel.  There are many different brands of spinning reels, many of which offer ultralite models.  

Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 Ice Combo - AVRT2ICE27MLCBO

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

While you may want to straight line your rod and reel there may be a time you would like to put in a holder that alerts you when you get a strike.  This tip up features Frabill lube that allows ease of use even when really cold.  A great choice for fishing multiple rod and reel combos on the same outing.  This unit allows you to lift the rod off the holder quickly to fight your fish.  Rod and reel are not included.  

Frabill 1664 Classic Tip-Up Wooden Boxed
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