Ice Fishing Sleds

Ice Fishing Sleds are the most common way to transport your ice fishing equipment - choose from a wide variety of sizes, styles, and/or combinations with or without shelters.   These Ice Sleds can be pulled behind you walking or also hooked onto a 4 wheeler or snow mobile.  These sleds come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate most if not all of your gear.  You can even find shelters with skids or sleds mounted to the bottom.

Why Use an Ice Fishing Sled

Walking Instead of Using Ice Fishing Sled

You don't have to get a sled.  Fishing is a sport and is exercise.  However, how much ice fishing gear do you have to carry?  How far will you have to carry it?  How heavy is your ice fishing equipment?  How many fish do you plan to catch?  Remember, what you carry out you must carry home, and what if you catch your limit of fish?  How many pounds will that add to your trip back home?  Ice fishing sleds can make all this a breeze.

Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled
This rugged sled made from Polyethylene features Molded Runners for Strength and Stability. This sled is ideal for Ice Fishing, Transporting game, fish, gear, Firewood, Traps, Decoys, Feed, etc. They also make a matching cover.

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Enjoyable Outing

Goal Is To Enjoy Your Outing
Enjoy Your Outing

The goal is to enjoy your Ice Fishing Outing.  Your goal is to be able to create memories - but if you are tired when you get there - you won't be able to "fish your brains out" all day long.  Of course at the end of the day, you are more tired than when you got there,  will you have enough energy to make it back home or to your car with your limit of fish?   Do you think this angler walked to her spot?  She looks refreshed and ready to catch her limit.  Wait a minute, yes she has an ice fishing sled, but pulled it with a snow mobile.

Snowmobile and Ice Fishing Sled
Snowmobile and Ice Fishing Sled

3 Modes of Transportation

Three Men Pulling Ice fishing Sled 3 Men Pulling Ice Sleds

Ice Fishing Sled Parked by Ice Fishing Shelter Sled Parked by Shelter

SUV With Trailer

For Angler With Lots of Ice Fishing Gear

Shappell Wind Break

Try this windbreak shelter that includes an ice fishing sled.  Shappell has made this portable and collapsible and it pops up in a couple of minutes - making this sled extremely mobile.   When you block the wind you will stay a lot warmer.  This is a great choice for the mobile ice fishing angler, because of how portable and agile this shelter is made.  It features a 16" carpeted bench seat.  It is  44" long x 32" wide and weights in at approximately 27lbs. 

Shappell Fx50 Ice Fishing Windbreaker

 Clam Shelter w/Sled

Clam Outdoors 10125 X200 Pro Thermal - 2 Man Ice Fishing Shelter w/ Grey Sled

Clam has engineered ice fishing sleds and shelters to a perfection.  This sled with shelter features their new X200 Pro Thermal.  Deluxe seating, 1.25 in poles, 1800 denier full thermal skin makes this ice fishing sled and shelter a real beast.  Check out all that Clam has to offer.  Under seats you will find a hammock for storing gear.  Also you will find a Clam light stick, battery bracket and overhead mesh storage.   Includes a travel cover and runner kit.

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