Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Choose from a variety of ice fishing tip ups to expand your catch. Tip ups are ideal when you fish more than one hole.  If you are just starting to ice fish you actually don't need an ice fishing tip up.  Items needed to start:

It is always a good idea to go for the first time with a friend.  You will learn a lot about what to do and what not to do.  You will also learn about different kinds of equipment - gain experience using different reels, rods, see tip ups in action.  Once you decide that you really like ice fishing, most people do, then you can begin the process of building your own equipment.

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Ice fishing tip ups begin to take on "Must Have" status the more experience you gain. It is fun to fish more than one hole, and look for the flag or the light to let you know when you have a bite. There are many manufacturers, models and styles to choose from. Shown on this page are examples of many of the choices you will have.

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Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up

Frabill 1664 Classic Tip-Up Wooden Boxed
This Frabill ice fishing tip up comes pre-lubricated with a low-temperature lube resulting in liquid-smooth performance in icy temperatures. The Ultra-Glide spool shaft provides frictionless, freespooling performance. As needed you can remove the Spool shafts for easy cleaning and re-lubrication. The large metal spools feature dual counterbalance crank knobs which provides you with wobble-free performance.

Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up

Frabill Pro Thermal Round Tip-Up Kit (Black, 10-Inch)
Select this round insulated tip-up when concerned about your drilled hole icing over or when you need to keep blowing snow from clogging it. 10 inch diameter covers your holes completely keeping water clear to 20 below. Easily stack multiple tip ups in your 5 gallon bucket. Smooth action reel will entice even the lightest fish bites. Included with the this tip up is a minnow clip, large capacity spool and a small compartment for your tackle. Includes 50 yards of 30 pound dacron braided line, line marker and depth finder.

Frabill Pro Thermal Tip Up Light

Choose this light / Tip Up and never miss a strike. The bright chartreuse LED light makes your fish hook ups easy to spot in dim light or after dark. Has light and heavy settings. When you you have a fish hooked this LED light comes on and flashes.
Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up With Lil' Shiner Light

Clam Arctic Warrior

Clam Arctic Warrior Tip - Up
The - Arctic Warrior - tips down when the fish bites and the flag flips up. Grab your rod, set the hook, and bring in your fish. No hand to hand combat with line all over the ice. Click on these links and check it out.

Clam Chair

Clam Chair
If you love to be organized then this Clam Chair does just that - giving you a complete fishing station. Not only can you have the best seat in the house, but this chair doubles as a rod case and gear holder. Padded seat, shoulder sling soft pack, rigid inner framework to protect rods - holding up to six rod comboes and much more - even a built in fish bag. Check this one out. Does not include any rod/reel combinations.

Frabill Sit-N-Fish Bucket and Pail Pouch

Frabill Sit-N-Fish Bucket by Frabill
This six gallon bucket makes for a convenient transport system. Insulated making a great bait container. great seat top too. A great way to outfit your adventure. Combine it with this great pouch system from Frabill and you are on your way.
Frabill Ice Fishing Pail Pack

Miscellaneous - Ice Fishing Tip Ups, Lube

CRC Marine 6-56 Zero VOC Multi-Purpose Lube
This product is excellent for winter protection in many different applications, including fishing reels, tip ups and line to help prevent freezing up.